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ООО DIAT the ventilated facades

Editing and repair of the ventilated facades, reconstruction of on-the-road and unon-the-road roof, gardens on a roof, cement and underground waterproofings works.
A company "Diat" was founded in 1991 in Moscow, as a build firm of general type. To to 1994 the basic type of activity - roofs was determined. In 1995 an agreement was celled with a firm IMPERBEL (Belgium) - one of leading producers of roofings materials in the world - on the use in-process of hydraulic insulating materials of group of DERBIGUM.
In Belgium our specialists passed teaching of technology of his causing. Our purpose was become by the sale of the finished good - to prepared high-quality gidroizolyacii, but not sale of material. Presently we apply Belgian technology of causing and on Russian materials, that gives very high quality as a result. In 1999, within the framework of expansion of activity of firm jointly with propulsion MODULE of "CNIIpromzdaniy", GUP CNIISK the name of V.A.Kucherenko and leading specialists of KB by him.
Development marketings researches and market of the ventilated facades and leading world suspended systems analysis underlay. Principle of our work unchanging is one is QUALITY!

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Country: RUSSIA
City: Moscow
Address: 123060, Moscow, ul.Sokolovskogo, d.3
Phone: + 7 (495) 225-22-02
Fax: + 7 (499) 194-86-33
URL address: http://www.diat.ru
Contact person: E. Y. Cykanovskiy
Position: Director

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